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09 May 2006 @ 11:38 pm
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Current Mood: heartbroken.
Current Music: the fray- how to save a life
09 April 2006 @ 10:11 pm
... or as I like to call it, Dorkfest 2006. Went to Pennsylvania with my honors class... for an honors convention. Yeah, I know. But it was actually a lot of fun... the city is pretty intersting, although basically EVERYTHING closes at 6. Left Thursday from school, drove to the Provi airport, and flew to the Pitts... when we were all split up into a few different cabs to drive to the Hilton. (And that didn't turn out to be as classy of a joint as I thought it would be). Myself and two of my colleagues were greeted by a crazy fuckin driver named Renee with a great big white trash ensemble, and she proceeded to talk to us in detail about her "screw buddy" of the past decade, and how I guess he tried to dump her, but she has the incredible skills to find him wherever he goes, him also being a cab driver. Anyway, after a fairly bizarre, awkward long conversation, we got to the hotel, unpacked, and had dinner. That night they were holding some function where we were supposed to meet the kids from the other schools, and that was... interesting. The kids at my table were incredible Star Wars fans (I think one was writing his Senior Thesis on it..) and one was inventing uses for an antibiotic. A fucking antibiotic. From some plant in Africa. They made us play 2 truths and a lie... and that was his truth. Thought the guy was kidding... but.. clearly we little Lasellers were out of our league. Friday, had to wake up VERY early to go do some tour of the city... in the rain. And then it cleared up. We went up some mountain, and walked around a bit. Had lunch and ice cream, on behalf of Lasell College (actually everything we did was charged to the school haha) By this time, we had all discovered that the other kids were... um, different, and we kind of blew off the rest of the day by doing some exploring of the city and shopping. That night we were ushered to a dance, well, what we thought was a dance, but really turned out to be a swing dance lesson. I learned how to jitterbug, and Charlston.. hehe. Then we were approached by some of the other normal people there... who thence brought over all their alcohol, and we played some games, and chatted. It was fun. Saturday was our 2 groups' presentations... the first group had lots of assholes asking mean, intellectual-seeming questions, like, "Can you elaborate more on why you feel there is subliminal messaging in the media today," and, "Can you please explain how you will tie leadership into your careers in the future" For our presentation though, about 5 people showed up. Haha, it was kind of sad, considering we actually had a good topic. But oh well. Did lots more shopping, ate at the Hard Rock, and went to a karaoke bar. So many characters there... we were approached by a man named Louis who greatly resembled Flavor Flav, and some other creep who kept taking pictures of us on his phone.. it was really weird. Then we kinda found out that they didn't card, so we got some drinks. I have funny videos of Louis and the other girls singing. Oh, and I almost forgot about the prostitute and her solicitor/pimp fighting on the way back!! It was soo scary, I thought we would all be killed. Haha.

Definitely left my cellphone and camera on the van on the way to the airport this morning.. Almost fought a fucken flight attendant on the way back... fucken Sky Bitch. Haha, then, when we were leaving, Nikki hit a truck in the parking lot. Hahaha. The Lasell Van has a nice battle scar to show.

Pittsburgh is full of creeps. And dorks. You should never go there. Ever.
Current Mood: tiredtired
19 January 2006 @ 12:09 am
don't go to celebritymorgue.com. it's ickyy.
Current Mood: nauseatednauseated
12 January 2006 @ 01:11 am
owww. every time i move = immense pain. haha, snowboarding yesterday.. it is death, let me tell you. and toan dinh is the WORST teacher in the world!!!!!

nah, i just suck. i like skiing much better. as do my ass, and my knees...

spent another portion of the day at circuit city with jillian, where i found jay q! and made some new friends. thanks to the turtle-paced employees in the installation department, i am now boys with many circuit city sales associates. i've also watched enough portions of Madagascar and some star wars movies to engage in a conversation about them and not sound stupid. haha.

and that's about all. i think i will take some tylenol pm's and go to bed at a half-way normal hour tonight.
Current Mood: soresore
09 January 2006 @ 03:16 am
I think about death a lot. how it eventually has to happen to me, and everyone i know.

not that i would consider myself a morbid person, or anything, but lately i've realized how much death consumes my thoughts.

i think about what happens to us when we die. and how we are all affected by a death. i used to pride myself on my beliefs. i thought i had it all worked out. and maybe i still do, but that doesn't mean that i'm right. or that anyone else is for that matter.

and it makes me pretty sad. knowing i cant help it, and maybe that i dont want to. because it has to happen. it would be poetic of me to say that i accept it, and i'm ready for it, but i don't, and i'm not, and i dont know if i ever will be.

how silly is that?
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
26 December 2005 @ 11:48 pm
an example of how life in the good old u. s. of a is a complete shithole.

you all have heard of the ridiculous phenomenon known as "myspace." all the cool kids have "myspace." it's the rad new place to meet peeps, and post up unnecessarily sexy pictures of oneself, and show off one's creativeness with the awesoome backgrounds and music-- and it's sweeping the nation apparently. my 11 year old cousin has "myspace." complete with the new and hip rap video, skanky friends, dorky surveys, clever comments. his user pic consists of him and his thug buddies doing the "westside" thug arm movement. he has 340 friends. 340. he's a fucking myspace pimp. i bet you he doesn't even know that many people in real life. it's ridiculous. the kid just lost a tooth today.

what the hell is this world coming to?
Current Mood: cynicalcynical
23 December 2005 @ 12:58 am
i am the official queen of dropping the cell phone in a glass of liquid. ginger ale to be more exact. i wasnt even drinking... hahaha..

last night before bed, i have the phone on the bed with me. i move.. and it proceeds to hop (yes.. it hopped, i swear because it coulda landed ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE FLOOORRRR) into the glass of gingerale. i saved it! and it was fine. but it just pooped now.

another 70 bucks to the freakin insurance company AGAIN. i fucking just got this piece of shit!!! i did the EXACT same thing 2 weeks ago.. like.. this phone is so new it still has the little protective sticker on the front that i forgot to take off. i think someone up there is telling me that i shouldn't have a mobile device.

to top it off i have to do a lot of driving on christmas so like.. i'm scared.. i dont like driving without a phone.. i've never had to do it before...


merry christmas.

(i'm sorry.. i just can't be non-denominational right now.)

oh hell.

happy holidays, too.
Current Mood: pissed
14 December 2005 @ 02:43 pm
aaahhh. semester is FINALLY over.

i did so much friggen work... hopefully it paid off. i have ONE more exam.. tomorrow.. and it's probably gonna be the hardest test of my life. so i'm gonna be up all night studying.

last night, and the past like.. 2 weeks, i spent at least a billion hours preparing these stupid conversations for my spanish final. crazy alcala gave us 16 of them to do.. i know that doesnt sound like a lot, but they had to be in spanish here. and so we had to pick out 2 numbers from an envelope and just speak them. and in the end, i only used the 2 conversations i spent the last 20 minutes before the test doing. wtf?!

-but hey, now that spanish is over, and that crazy biatch LOVED us, there will be a spanish class fiesta with all the cool kids from spanish class! we will eat nachos, drink margaritas, and have lots of hispanic fun. soon i hope.

also, if i could get lauren's id.. that would be flippin SWEET. ! woo.

those Fucks down at the bookstore gave me FOURTEEN DOLLARS for my books. oh wait, i forgot, i couldnt even return fucking 3 of them. what the fuck is this bullshit? how can they sell books that they won't take back? there should be a disclaimer before you buy books from them, "p.s., we are anally fucking the shit out of you, so don't expect to get ANY money from these text books, which are really a waste of time to buy in the first place."

so i plan to buy a nice bag of crack with my 14 bucks. yeeeah.

last night of work tonight. thank god. new boss has been on my ASS. but what the hell am i gonna do for 2 months? i can't go back to the children's place... i cant... shiit.

then i study my ass off for several hours. alone. haha. it's gonna be really sad. at least i go home tomorrow.

and there's christmas! so close! i'm surprised that most people don't have lights up this year. it's kinda sad...

oh, i was kidding about the crack too.
Current Mood: boredbored
16 November 2005 @ 03:45 pm
The past week was amazing.

New Orleans trip-- insane. I absolutely love it down there. The city is beautiful, it's so poetic and extreme. It's still a wreck down there, some parts are just awful, but then again, there are parts that are still intact, and still full of life. Everyone there is great, full of spirit and life, and hope for their city.. not to mention it's warm and sunny :) Ah, I just love it. And I miss it a little, really wish I could go back.

Some day, hopefully.

Soo, in the mean time, I've been rushing to get school things and work things done. I registered for classes today, and I got everything I wanted!! Fridays off!! I never thought something like that would happen to me, hahaha, buuut, I got lucky.

When I went to work on Monday, I found out that a coworker's sister had passed away, after a week long battle with cancer. Apparently she had gone to the doctor's thinking she had bronchitis or something of the like, and found out that she had lung cancer that had spread to her brain and whatnot. And they gave her 5 days to live.


Could you ever imagine being told that?? Having LESS than one week to straighten out everything, to make your life right? To say goodbye, to do all the things you've ever wanted to do..

Just... wow. Puts everything into perspective, you know?
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
half the semester is already over! i can't believe it.. it's going by so much quicker than last year, thank GOD. and, im going to new orleans in like 3 weeks.. hooly crap, that came up fast too! well, it seemed like everything around here was going pretty good, but who knows, weird stuff happens some times. and im a smart kid in all of my classes! whee! course, i've also been workin my ass off. in every aspect. so much schooling, and then working. which, i'm proud to say, i am NO longer the office slacker at. i guess there's a bunch of people who might get fired because they're crack heads or something. no really, i'm not lying, they might be on crack.

speaking of which (studying my ass off, that is.. i dont do crack anymore), i should be studying for a test tomorrow, especially since we're goin out tonight! to boston! whee! either way! lol, i can't wait. can't wait to be there next year, out of this skanky place. where we haven't had a SINK in our bathroom for the past TWO weeks! try having to brush your teeth in a teeny tiny shower stall, and then you go to take a freakin pee, and theres PUBES all over the seats. it's naaasty. anyway, boston for school next year. definitely better than newton, wehre everything closes at ten. but that's life at lasell. woo.
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